Beat the Heat With Misting Fans

When we think of the word “summer”, visions of salt-washed shores, sun-kissed skins, trendy sunglasses, swimsuits, and beaches come to mind. We feast in our virtual worlds of wildflowers and fun beach parties with cocktail drinks and wet and wild shenanigans and naively forget one very important fact. A fact that can actually kill our summer fantasies just as quick as they had come to our minds, a fact that transforms summer from a sweet daydream to a suffocating nightmare. And, that fact is none other than the skyrocketing temperature.

fanWho enjoys walking around and hanging out with the burning summer sun right atop his heads and some flimsy umbrella as his only form of defense? Summer can truly be much more of a nuisance than something to look forward to when heat is taken into consideration. But people can safely lay all their worries to rest for something can actually save everyone’s summer reverie. Yes, there is hope. These can effectively beat the uncomfortable heat summer brings and paves the way for everyone’ssummer dreams:Misting fans.

Misting fans belong to a type of a cooling system that works by spraying fine mists of water vapor into the air. Unlike air-conditioning systems, which work by vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycles, these fans work by evaporative cooling and thus can be used even outdoors. At last, outdoor activities can now be made enjoyable.

So, how does evaporative cooling work? Given that the air has relatively low humidity, the sprayed water vapor evaporates, bringing along a certain amount of heat with it. For example, if you place a wet rug in front of an electric fan, you will notice that the surrounding air becomes cooler. The same principle works.

Misting-FansMisting fans take evaporative cooling coupled with thermodynamics to a whole new level by functioning like a rudimentary air-conditioning system—only far more efficient, convenient, adaptable and cost-effective. They operate starting from a high pressure pump that drives water into the specialized nozzles which, in turn, expels minute water droplets in the form of mist. An electric fan can blow this mist to more than several hundred feet and provide comfort for large masses of people. They are actually often used in various outdoor sports events as well as in town festivals and gatherings to cool large crowds of people. This way, they can entice more people to come and watch their outdoor activities or performances. Besides, who would come to watch an outdoor sports event when the temperature is soaring to 85°F and up?

Spending time outdoors will no longer be an inconvenient activity with the use of evaporative cooling systems. Pool parties or summer parties also benefit from the evaporative cooler. Some find it more comfortable to swim when the surrounding air is kept cool and damp. Sports like beach volleyball and aerobic exercises and even sunbathing are also made more enjoyable with the crisp and comfortable atmosphere provided by the fans.

Many are overcome with their assumption that evaporative coolers are inconvenient since they spray water and thus leave people wet.However, this is a hasty generalization of the function of the coolers. Misting fans won’t get people soaking wet but merely cooled, like a humidifier,to a comfortable level.The thin mists sprayed can be barely sensed or registered by the human skin, except at ultimately close proximities.

This cooling system truly brings a plethora of benefits to the people residing in hot, dry climates. Even during the onset of weather, outdoor activities become fun, patios become regular hang-out sites, and people have no problem occupying tables outside air-conditioned restaurants. What’s once bothersome can now be made enjoyable. Truly, misting fans are the ultimate tool to beat that suffocating heat.